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Shaniera Akram upset over plastic waste on the beach

Shaniera Akram has always been put in her maximum efforts in making the beach pollution-free. She recently took to her Instagram, expressing how heartbroken she is over the plastic wastage present on the beach.

Shaniera mentioned in her post that they clean up the beach every six months and put in a lot of effort into it. However, only 2 days after the cleanup, there is even ‘more’ pollution and plastic waste than the previous time. She further added that this does not only mean that their efforts are being wasted, but it is also devastating to see that ‘plastic will be our downfall.’

Here’s Akram’s complete post:

Shaniera Akram shared her concern in a tweet on Twitter, where she urged the ‘food giants’ in Pakistan to take some responsibility and understand the seriousness of the issue. She said that they need to come up with recyclable packaging for their products.

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