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Seven-year-old girl burnt and then dragged into nearby fields in Peshawar

In a bone-chilling incident, a seven-year-old girl was found dead in Badaber, Peshawar. According to evidence, she was ‘burnt in the morning’ and was dragged into the nearby fields before her body was recovered.

The main motive behind this inhumane act is still unknown, but an investigation is underway by Peshawar police. Geo-fencing and profiling of the area are underway.

The young girl left her home at 3 pm. After some time, her father tried to find her in the Peshawar village but could not do so. She used to go to the ‘Millat Islamia School and Coaching Academy‘ daily, and the institution was about 300 to 400 meters away from her home.

Her father said that they installed a speaker on a vehicle to make announcements about the missing girl, and had friends and acquaintances ask others around the village too.

“Then I went to submit a temporary request to file a kidnapping case at the police station,” he added.

The place where this incident occurred is no stranger to such gruesome acts. Previously, dead body of a boy was found, with his stomach cut open, in the same village.

However, an investigation in the boy’s case is underway as well. The police are positive that they’ll find the primary culprits really soon.

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