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“Had it not been prohibited in Islam, I would’ve committed suicide”, Session Judge writes an open letter to the CJP

An Additional District & Session Judge from Punjab, Dr. Sajida Ahmed, wrote an open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Lahore High Court Chief Justice.

In the letter, she said that it would have been better for her to rear cattle and make dung cakes in her village than join the judiciary, where she has to face disrespect and ‘naked abuse’ in court every day from ‘lawyers.’

An open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan

Frustrated with the treatment of judges of the lower judiciary, the judge said that had it not been prohibited in Islam, she would’ve taken her own life in front of the Supreme Court.

She added that she, along with her colleagues, face un-ending abuse, disrespect, and harassment. Her seniors have done nothing to protect the judge from this humiliation. Currently, she is an Additional Session & District Judge in Fatehjang, Attock.

“It would have been far better for the undersigned to rear cattle, to make the dung cakes, to help out my agriculturist family and spend a life free of worries and agonies away from the lime-light of Islamabad”, Dr. Sajida said.

Dr. Sajida said that if the district judiciary’s complaints aren’t taken seriously, the judges will be forced to write petitions to international bodies like the UN, Amnesty International, and other organizations.

“I feel desperate and frustrated and compelled to either burn all my educational degrees one by one in front of the honorable Lahore High Court or in front of the Supreme Court of Pakistan as a protest so that no girl among a population of 23 Crore should dare to come and serve (this nation)”, Dr. Sajida said.

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