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Pakistan’s first lady traffic warden Salma Abdul Ghani sets off for a UN Mission in Sudan

The first lady warden of City Traffic Police has set off for a United Nations (UN) mission. The female traffic warden, Salma Abdul Ghani, will represent her country in Sudan. DSP of Lahore Muhammad Khan will also take part in this mission.

While talking to a news source, Ghani said that she was pumped to be a part of the mission.

“This is the first time a traffic police warden has been selected for a mission”, she said.

She added that this milestone took her 14 years and numerous exams.

“I worked in the field for over 10 years and then worked in the office”, Ghani said. According to CTO Syed Hammad Abid, the selection of Salma Ghani is a proud moment for the entire police force.

This is the first time after nine years that Pakistan police have been chosen to take part in a UN mission. Around 361 officers (police and military) from across the country have been named for the purpose. 12 officers have been chosen from Punjab, while 27 from other parts of the nation were selected.

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