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Robbed of his money AND happiness?

Imagine it’s your wedding day.

You wake up all excited but nervous at the same time. You can’t wait to get ready but on your best clothes and go meet the love of your life to be bound together in the holy bonds of matrimony.

Sounds perfect, right? It was the complete opposite for this groom.

He gathered more than 100 ‘baraati’ for his big day and set to travel from Sialkot to Sargodha to unite with his bride-to-be!

After the tiresome journey, he reached his beloved’s house only to find it locked with a big huge ‘tala’.

Upon inquiring further, and in addition to their shock, neighbors told them the locked house belonged to a police officer instead.

The bride’s family had fled along with money taken in advance from the groom to pay for wedding festivities!

Infuriated & heartbroken at the same time, the groom (in all his glory) immediately went to the nearest police station (in his ‘sehra’ and with his 100+ ‘baraati’) to file a report against the girl and her family.

*This is a developing story.