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Meet Zafar: A rickshaw driver who lost both of his eyes while saving two young women

While women continue to fight for bodily autonomy and equal rights, a few heroes are working behind-the-scenes to do everything in their power to help their mothers, daughters, and sisters. One of these heroes is Zafar, a rickshaw driver from Peshawar, who experienced an incident that completely changed his life.

A rickshaw driver’s heroic tale

Zafar was taking two female passengers in his rickshaw in Peshawar’s Saddar area when he saw some men harass them. Without any hesitation, Zafar resisted them and asked them to stop. Then, all of a sudden everything changed, the men threw acid on the driver’s face and ran away. This caused the hero to lose both of his eyes.

However, even this horrific incident couldn’t dim his spirit, it may have taken his eyes but it is pretty much clear that nothing can take away this brave man’s smile. Despite all that, Zafar didn’t stop smiling as he sat in a local hospital. He said he had hope that one day, he will be able to see again.

CONTENT WARNING: Distressing image

A twitter user, Amir Hamza Khan, who also shared his story, urged the public to donate so that Zafar can undergo treatment. The brave act of this rickshaw driver ignited compassion in the hearts of many. People donated to him, and one even agreed to bear his monthly expenses.

Zafar is the man our country needs in today’s time, especially when violence and harassment cases against women are on a rise. It is due to men like him that we must not lose hope. More power to him!

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