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Renowned Psychiatrist kills himself after taking his daughter’s life

Psychiatrist Dr. Azhar Hussain allegedly killed his daughter and later took his own life at his residence in the Justice Hameed colony, Multan. Azhar murdered his daughter, Dr. Aliza Haider, over a domestic dispute, as reported. After murdering her, he killed himself with the same weapon he used to kill Aliza.

The victim was a mother of one son and two daughters who were present in the house when the incident occurred. The family of Dr. Azhar has given the details saying that he was under immense stress. He had locked himself in a room for the past few months as told by his wife, Bushra, and coronavirus infliction had severely impacted his mental health.

Aliza was shot in the neck and rushed to the hospital. However, she passed away before she got medical help. Dr. Azhar Hussain worked at Nishtar hospital as a psychiatry professor and retired 6 years ago, after which he practiced from his residence.

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