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Qasim Ali Shah faces backlash for saying that schools should teach young girls ‘how to be good wives’

Pakistani society’s ultimate goal is to prepare a woman for her life after marriage. From a very young age, girls are taught to behave a certain way; otherwise, they will have a failed married life. Instead of focusing on a daughter’s education, parents tend to be more concerned about finding a good husband. This is also why a woman thinks her life revolves around marriage, and divorce is the ‘end of life.’

Our famous motivational speaker, trainer, educator, and author, Qasim Ali Shah is of the same mindset. He believes that educational institutes should ‘teach‘ girls how to be good wives till 10th grade and people are absolutely disgusted. The public is infuriated over Qasim’s remarks.

Many who were big fans of the speaker have mentioned how disappointed they are after this.

Here’s what people have to say:

Many are questioning Qasim about why is he only concerned about the upbringing of daughters and not about the sons being good husbands?

In a country where for so many years, the curriculum has not been updated, and we are already lacking behind in terms of education, if people like Qasim Ali Shah, who have such a huge fan-base, will only be concerned about teaching women ‘how to be good wives’, then our country is bound to go on a downfall. It is disappointing to see that even in 2020, instead of focusing on making our daughters well-educated and independent, this is all we care about.

We cannot seem to digest the idea that women have a life outside of marriage as well. Why not teach women about their legal rights? Why not about more important issues? We need to learn that women matter on their own, not in relation to a man!

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