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Pictures of a Pukhtoon invigilator taking care of a candidate’s baby are the most wholesome thing you’ll see today

A Pukhtoon invigilator’s pictures are surfacing all over the internet in which he is holding a candidate’s baby. The invigilator can be seen taking care of and looking after the baby as the little one’s mother is busy with her examination.

Although the invigilator’s identity has not been revealed yet, he is winning the hearts of many through this priceless act of kindness. These pictures have made people gain immense respect for him, and everyone is appreciating him.

Other than the invigilator, people are also pouring out love for the mother who is pursuing her education and not missing the exam despite having a baby. This highlights the importance of and need for women’s education in the country. Statistics show that Pakistan’s literacy rate is 59%, and only 47% of women contribute to this rate. There is a need for education in the country, be it for men or women.

Here are the heartwarming shots:

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