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PTI leader, who slapped a female officer, appointed as ‘district coordinator’ of the Punjab Women Protection Authority

PTI’s local leader, Naveed Aslam, who slapped a women officer of the Pakistan Post and is on bail has been appointed as the ‘district coordinator’ of the Punjab Women Protection Authority (PWPA) by the chairperson of PWPA, Kaneez Fatima Chadhar.

Naveed Aslam was arrested on the 24th of September by Ghala Mandi Police on the charge of slapping and threatening Senior Female Postmaster (SPM) Officer named Sofia Qasim. He got bail the very next day of the incident.

The decision has raised eyebrows since the man who was involved in a violent act against a woman has been given such a post, which involves women’s protection. Not only did Naveed slap Sofia, but also dragged her and gave her life threats.

According to the appointment, Aslam’s duties include participating in campaigns on women’s rights, briefing the media, assisting the victims subjected to violence, and reporting such incidents. Sofia has reacted to Aslam’s appointment by requesting the court for justice.

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