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Peshawar: Woman shoots husband in his sleep- turns herself in, saying she did it for all the right reasons

A mother in Peshawar took matters into her own hands when she learned the truth about her husband.

Gul Meena turned herself in and confessed to killing her husband.

When the Police arrived at her house she was standing by her husband’s body. She told the Police that her husband used to sexually abuse their daughters, adding that their 14-year-old had been sexually assaulted again, 2 days ago.

Being a mother, her children came first.

As her husband was lost in peaceful slumber, she decided that she didn’t want him to wake up and ever do what he used to. So, she shot him. He died on the spot.

Instead of running away, she stayed there and made sure that she gave the Police all the important information. The authorities were then able to make sure they gather evidence thoroughly and will be running tests on the daughters as well.

The case will progress after the medical reports return.

Gul has been arrested and shifted to a police station for women.

*This is a developing story*