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[VIDEO] Pakistan’s first transgender model abused, hair shaved by influential men

Pakistan’s first actress transgender model, Rimal Ali, has allegedly been harassed and tortured by an authoritative man. Rimal has accused Jahanzeb Khan, a resident of Attock, to be behind this cruel act.

Not only was he model abused, but her hair and eyebrows were shaved off. She took to her Instagram to speak up about how she has been sexually harassed multiple times. She also mentioned very clearly that her life is at risk. She further said that Jahanzeb has been abusing her for quite a long now, and she has been switching houses but failed to protect herself from this influential man.

Rimal, in the video, said that the guy who is her culprit was also involved in 4 murder cases, and he is being investigated for them.

Rimal Ali spoke about how transgender people are raped, burnt, and killed, but nobody ever speaks out for them. Justice is never served, and their voices go unheard.

The model urges for justice from the authorities and requests to spread her word.

It is absolutely disappointing and saddening to see how transgenders and minorities of the country are suffering and not even given their basic right to live.

Here’s Rimal’s video:

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