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Pakistanis demand justice for16-year-old Bushra Rajpar, the victim of a gang-rape in Karachi

Bushra Rajpar, a 1st year college student, was abducted and gang-raped on her way back from school.

Bushra’s father gave the statement in which he said that the girl was missing for one whole day, and the family’s efforts to search for her were in vain as they weren’t able to get a clue about her. Bushra was found on the road-side the next day, as was informed by the police.

The Father of the 16-year-old urged the government and the authorities for justice. According to him, his daughter can recognize the criminals, and they want nothing but justice so that such an incident won’t happen to any other girl in the future.

Malir police have claimed to have arrested the 4 suspects, and DNA samples have also been taken. The police are waiting for the doctors’ final reports to proceed with the legal actions further.

Pakistanis are speaking up for Bushra Rajpar using the #JusticeForBushraRajpar on Twitter. They urge others to join in the cause, so the authorities bring the unfortunate incident into notice and punish those responsible behind the heinous act.

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