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Pakistan Football HQs attacked – Women’s National Championship called off

Former PFF President, Ashfaq Hussain Shah and his group members recently attacked the Headquarters of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

PFF NC chair, Haroon Malik, while talking to a reputed media outlet revealed the details of the incident saying that he was working in the office when a mob led by Shah attacked the office and told Malik to hand over the charge of PFF along with all the bank accounts. Sources also revealed that the staff members were harassed and held hostages.

In the light of these recent events, PFF informed that the Women’s National Championship 2021, which was being organized in Karachi, has been canceled.

Shah was announced as the PFF president after elections held in 2018 on the instructions given by Supreme Court. However, FIFA and Asian Football Confederation did not recognize him as the president considering the court’s move as a ‘third-party interference.’

An NC was then installed by FIFA in 2019 which was chaired by Humza Khan with the aim of establishing a functioning administration through the help of ‘transparent elections.’ Malik was named as the body’s chair by FIFA after Khan resigned from the post in 2020. Due to the delay in elections, a lot of tension had been seen between Ashfaq Shah’s group and the NC.

Haroon Malik in a statement said that due to this event, FIFA will probably ban Pakistan and the country will not have ‘functional football’ for 5 years.

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