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Meet Sonia Singh, the woman creating ‘natural-looking dolls’, THANK GOD!

This woman came up with the idea of creating ‘natural-looking dolls’ to teach the children to be comfortable in their own skin.

Dolls might just be toys for many, but how they impact a child’s brain is surprising. Dolls, which seem to be just a toy, are a woman’s first introduction to the unrealistic beauty standards set for them by society. If they don’t have that ‘doll figure’, or that ‘symmetrical doll face’ then they might think they aren’t beautiful.

Ready for adventure! These unique little dolls will be my Etsy shop www.treechangedolls.etsy.com in under an hour. Where will their new homes be, I wonder?

Posted by Tree Change Dolls on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sonia Singh’s unique initiative

Seeing all this, Sonia Singh came up with the idea of creating dolls that resemble the features of children and are as natural as possible. Their fresh faces and funky outfits are all close to reality. These dolls are named ‘Tree Change Dolls’ and they are Sonia’s idea of making the kids feel comfortable and confident about themselves. Each of these dolls has been picked from a ‘second-hand store’, amended, and then left to be bought by someone who would want to give it a new life.

The idea of a doll typically included a lot of funky eyeshades and mascaras with bold lipsticks, and this is something that Singh changes after purchasing the dolls. She not only re-paints them freshly but gives them the haircut to top everything off. Sonia’s mom helps her sew new outfits for the dolls to making them look as practical and realistic as possible.

Her dolls are being sold very quickly each month and she restocks them every month too. She is selling them via her Etsy shop.

The idea of making such dolls is unique in every way possible. Every individual should be told to love themselves from a young and early age and Sonia Singh’s concept is one step towards this.

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