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Shireen Mazari believes that national awards should not be given to ‘alleged harassers’

In a press conference held at the president’s house, the Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, talked about women empowerment.

During the event, Mazari mentioned how the incumbent government is doing everything in its capacity to tackle sensitive issues, such as child abuse. She also talked about the law that has been proposed for the welfare of transgender people and the awareness being raised about women’s inheritance. However, she added that the implementation of these laws is not easy in the least.

While addressing harassment, Mizari talked about when a woman working in the media industry or showbiz, opens up about harassment, is always considered a ‘liar.’ She further talked about the men in the industry who are powerful as compared to such women and some of them being married into the families of known ‘lawyers.’ She said that being a part of the government, it is their responsibility to discourage alleged harassers. The accused should not even be considered for civil awards.

The minister talked about the important issue, saying that such men are mighty, so many cases are pending and not heard in the court. Shireen Mazari believes that to set an example and prove that women’s security is a top priority, the stance against harassment of women should be made very rigid and ‘clear.’

Here’s Shireen’s complete speech:

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