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WATCH | A man wearing burqa caught harassing women in Karachi

In a country where women asking for rights as basic as ‘protection’ is considered ‘be-haya’ and people complain about them already having sufficient rights, incidents and events like these make one question if women are actually safe in Pakistan or not.

The incident in Karachi

A few days back, a man was caught harassing women in Liaquatabad, Karachi, while dressed in a burqa, and he wasn’t wearing any pants. He would inappropriately touch women and brush against them. Some women noticed it and immediately complained to the shopkeepers, who took instant notice. The shopkeepers caught the harasser and gave him a taste of his own medicine. After this, the police came to arrest the suspect.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the man, who is a resident of the Garden area, left the house fully dressed and, upon reaching the market, took off the pants in his car. He took his wife’s burqa with him while leaving the house.

It is absolutely disgusting to see how these beasts roam around freely and do not hesitate or fear committing these heinous acts even in a crowded market.

Watch the video here.

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