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Man tortures minor wife – forces her out of home ‘naked’

Badshah Khan from Rawalpindi assaulted and forced his 14-years-old wife to leave home ‘naked.’ Badshah, aged 26, sexually and physically abused his wife, undressed her, and threw her on the street.

The man was arrested from Malik Colony on Girja Road. Saddar Police SHO Inspector Malikullah Yar revealed that the minor had serious injuries. Moreover, she has undergone a medical test, and the report from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency is being awaited.

The victim’s father, Yousuf Khan, has lodged an FIR against Badshah, who is also his nephew. He mentioned how his daughter had been tortured and forced to leave home without clothes. He further said that the neighbors provided clothing to his daughter before she reached her father’s home. Yousuf reported that he took the minor for medical examination as per the case’s requirement, but they were refused service. He added that the suspect’s family members were threatening him and demanded protection for himself and his family from RPO and CPO.

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