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This man just married himself in a luxurious wedding ceremony!

This 33-year old Brazilian man gave a new definition to self-love by marrying himself after his fiancée broke off the engagement. Dr. Diogo Rabelo married himself in a dreamy wedding at a luxury resort.

According to details, Rabelo tied the knot with himself after his fiancée Vitor Bueno broke off their engagement back in July 2020.

A very unique solo wedding

The groom went ahead with the plan and hosted a wedding party at a luxury resort in Itacare. He said, ‘I do’ to himself in front of a mirror surrounded by guests.

He broke the news on his Instagram account and wrote that ‘whoever wants to be with you will be.’ Rabelo shared photos from the event, including a photo of his grandmother tying a ‘special bracelet’ around his wrist.

“When God made his alliance with man, he created the rainbow and in a symbolic act, my wedding ring is a colorful sapphire bracelet to remind me that my alliance is with God Creator and not with men”, he wrote.

Around 50 people were present at this unique wedding.

“I analyzed the situation for a month and decided that I had to appreciate and love myself. I kept the ceremony, and 40 of my 50 guests came”, Rabelo said.

Instead of a bride, Diogo walked down a beautiful aisle all alone while his family and friends showered him with their support. He wished his ex-fiancée well and thanked her for teaching him a valuable lesson.

Click here to see the video of the wedding.

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