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Man arrested for stealing a ‘baby camel’ for his girlfriend

A man in Dubai stole a newborn baby camel to give as a birthday gift to his girlfriend, as reported by a well-reputed media outlet.

The camel owners had reported to the police about the missing newborn camel. Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, Brig. Khadim, while revealing how they recovered the stolen camel, told that the man who had stolen it contacted the police and claimed that he found the camel in front of his farm. However, his story was considered made-up and illogical as the two farms were at a distance of three kilometers apart, and the newly born wouldn’t have been able to walk for this distance.

The director also said that they called in reporting the missing camel after stealing it because they couldn’t look after it, hence decided to return it with a fake story. Later, during the interrogation, the suspect admitted that he had stolen the camel.

The camel has been returned to its real owners while the thief and his girlfriend have been arrested.

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