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Women rights journalist Malala Maiwand gunned down along with her driver in Jalalabad

In a heart-wrenching news, a female television journalist and her driver were shot and killed in Nangarhar, Afghanistan.

Malala Maiwand was a reporter at Enikas Radio and TV and a women’s rights journalist. She was killed in an attack on their vehicle in Jalalabad.

Sadly, Maiwand isn’t the first one from her family to be targeted. Five years back, her mother, an activist, was also killed by unidentified gunmen.

“With the killing of Malalai, the working field for female journalists is getting smaller and the journalists may not dare to continue their jobs the way they were doing before,” Nai, an organization supporting media in Afghanistan, said.

However, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid denied their involement in the incident.

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