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Pictures, chats, audios: Latest updates on Maha Shah Case


We all heard about the unfortunate death of Dr. Maha Shah who was also a blogger. The actual reason for her sudden departure wasn’t revealed. Her family and friends were too traumatized to say anything about it. Many guessed that she came from a conservative family and it was a case of ‘honor killing’. However, the recent revelations done by Maha’s friends have rung bells and shown the other side of the picture.

New updates on the case

The late blogger’s friends have made some pictures/WhatsApp chats/audios of hers go viral. There are some disturbing pictures that Maha has sent to a friend showing a broken tooth and blood coming out of her mouth. She mentioned that her ‘boyfriend’ beat her to the point she broke her tooth. In another screenshot of a chat from 2018, she clearly mentioned ‘Junaid’, saying he will be ‘the death of her’.

Maha Shah’s leaked audio; she again mentioned how the guy was torturing her. She told her that the guy has made her life hell to the point that she is mentally disturbed. She was having seizures, as she mentioned in the audio.


Maha’s father has registered a case against three individuals which included her friend, Junaid, and Waqas, who is a dentist. Her father claims that she had been drugged and raped due to which she was so disturbed and traumatized that she ended up taking her own life.

Dr. Maha Shah’s death has left everyone in deep sorrow and grief. We hope whoever is responsible and behind this, gets rightly punished so such incidents can be avoided in future.

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