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Karachi just hosted its first all-women race and people were excited!

Karachi just hosted the first all-women race, and it’s safe to say that people were excited. ‘Women Power Run’, the first-ever all-women five-km race was organized by ‘Born2Run Pakistan’, and it turned out to be an exciting start to a chilly morning for all the participants and those cheering them on.

The race took place in DHA Phase-8. From Ramada Creek to Savor and back, about 50 women took part, from ages 13 up to 50 plus. All the participants were trained for free by Sohail Sardar, a lone runner who started free training for women, children and men three years back.

“I have been training runners for so long now, so I decided to motivate them further in their fitness journey by holding a competitive event with medals and prizes for them. I am doing everything without any sponsors,”, he said.

He also had gold-plated medals and other accolades and gifts for the runners near the finish line.  

Haani Mazari won the race, and she said she didn’t even realize she was ahead of everyone while running.

“I was a little distracted and even made a wrong turn by mistake, but then I was guided back to the correct course with no one before me, so I assumed that maybe I was way at the end,” the winner said.

More than winning, what each participant cared about was the thrill and fun that came with the competition. Clearly, everyone was glad and excited to have participated in the event.

Watch the video here:

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