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Iffat Omar explains how Meesha Shafi’s verdict can be a ‘game-changer’ for Pakistani women

In light of Meesha Shafi’s verdict targeting whether Pakistan’s sexual harassment laws protect all women, including self-employed individuals or not, Iffat Omar explained how beneficial the bill’s approval and implementation would be for the safety of women.

Iffat Omar recently appeared in an interview with a media outlet where she put into words what she thinks about the Meesha Shafi Ali Zafar case. She said that many think that Meesha does not appear in the court; however, they fail to understand that she will only come when needed. She further added that even Ali Zafar does not come to every hearing. Moreover, it isn’t even decided who will be hearing the harassment case since in cases of workplace harassment, if there is no relation between the employee and the employer, then there is no ‘law’ for it. The host also shared that if Meesha Shafi’s verdict is approved and the law is made, then it will no longer be only between Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi, but it will be big for every woman who leaves her house to work. From women working in the fields to freelancers, the law will protect every female working outside their homes.

Here’s Iffat’s complete interview:

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