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Karachi: Husband drags shopkeeper to the court for causing his wife ‘depression’ by selling her a faulty shoe

A person in Karachi has taken a shopkeeper to court for selling his wife a faulty shoe, which broke only days after she bought it. The man wants the shopkeeper to be fined for causing his wife ‘depression’ and ‘heartbreak.’

The shoes were bought from Tariq road and were worth Rs.1600. However, it was a complete waste of money as one of the shoes literally broke into pieces after a few days of purchase. The man couldn’t see his wife’s condition, who was devastated by the wastage of money. Hence, he dragged the shopkeeper to the court, hoping that he will explain why he is selling defaulted and poor quality products to the customers.

The Consumer Court Karachi East has accepted the person’s appeal and called for the witnesses to appear in the next court hearing.

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