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Honor Killing: Police arrests Jirga members for sentencing a woman to death by ‘stoning’

In another case of ‘honor killing’, Pakistani police have arrested two members of a Jirga for sentencing a woman to death by stoning. The woman’s ‘crime’ was running away with a man, and bearing his child out of wedlock.

According to the FIR, the council (jirga) consisted of six people. They held a meeting sometime back and sentenced the woman, who was the mother of nine children, to death under the old practice of ‘karo kari’ in Muzaffargarh. Police arrested the two members of the council, and are searching for the rest.

The Police official Mehar Riaz Hussain said the woman eloped with Noor Shah, another resident of her locality, and bore a child out of wedlock.

Noor Shah was caught by the elders of the village and brought back last year. He was also given a death sentence and later killed. The woman on the other hand is in the custody of the Police and under their protection.

Karo Kari or Honor Killing

Under the ‘Karo Kari’ (honor killing) custom, a woman is murdered if she brings dishonor upon the family. This is said to ‘restore’ the honor and reputation of the family.

Honor killing is a persistent issue in Pakistan, and the country has the highest cases of honor killing reported across the world. It is time that the authorities take notice of these impractical practices, and take steps to educate and spread awareness amongst the mass about such issues.

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