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WATCH | Stage actress Hira Noor physically abused by owner of the Marine Theater and his friends

Stage actress Hira Noor has opened up about being assaulted by the owner of ‘Marine Theatre’ and some goons.  Hira was performing at the theatre in Sahiwal when the owner’s friends started being inappropriate to her and harass her.

Hira Noor’s narration of the incident

Hira told that the men forcefully took her to a room where they attempted to rape her. The actress showed resentment upon which she was beaten badly by these beasts.

The actress has put up a video to share what happened with the public in the hope of justice. She has also taken legal actions by filing a complaint against the harassers to Ghalla Mandi Police Station. Hira has requested DPO Sahiwal, Amir Taimoor Buzdar, to punish the ones responsibly and to help her in the process.

We hope Hira gets justice, and the men who are behind such inhumane and low acts get punished as soon as possible.

Here’s Hira’s videoclip in which she is narrating the whole incident:

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