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VIDEO | Guy caught secretly taking pictures of women in Jami-Shireen Park, Lahore

Persistent problems that women face in Pakistan include: cat-calling, groping, and having their photos taken without consent. A similar case recently went viral as Leena Ghani took to Twitter to expose a man in the Jami-Shireen park, Lahore, who took pictures of women without their consent.

While Leena and her friends were in the park, they noticed a man keenly observing them and clicking their pictures. Upon realizing what was happening, the girls confronted the man and told him to leave but he refused. Ghani further told that the man pushed her and snatched her phone away from her. The man continued to misbehave with the girls as can be seen in the video.

After sharing all about the incident, Leena Ghani urged the men reading her post to speak up and show resistance against the crimes committed by their gender because if they choose to stay silent, then they are a part of the problem too as this is not something one can brush aside.

Unfortunately, women aren’t safe even if they want to take a stroll in a park and for this reason, they should always keep their guard up. This guy is not the first one, many like him make women feel uncomfortable in public places, and action is hardly taken against them.

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