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Government to provide Rs50m loan to young drama and filmmakers

To revive the entertainment industry in Pakistan, the young drama and filmmakers will be given a loan of Rs50 million under a programme named ‘Kamyab Jawan’ as revealed by Fawad Chaudhry who also told that productions on the lives of Tipu Sultan and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan are underway.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting took to Twitter where he made the announcement. He shared a list of the transformative changes that will be occurring in the industry. He talked about PTV being given a deadline of June 1 to complete their pending reforms. By the deadline, the minister revealed that PTV and PTV sports will be working on full HD.

Chaudhry also shared that a new English channel will be launched and the studios in Lahore and Karachi will be ‘renovated through a public-private partnership.’ Moreover, APP will be transformed into a ‘digital news agency’ while taking measures to make advertisements and PID ‘paperless.’

Other than this, Print and Television journalists are now eligible to apply for houses under the Prime Minister’s housing project and will also be able to acquire health cards. Chaudhry also targeted the core issue of payment of salaries and told that a law will be brought in to ensure that salaries are timely paid along with insurance.

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