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The government has decided to FINALLY ban dowry

In an impressive new development, the Minister of Religious Affairs has decided to ban the tradition of the groom asking for dowry and the display of it. The details of the dowry and gifts given to the bride will be entered into the nikkah-nama along with their prices.

The Bill

A bill against the dowry and the display of it has been presented. According to the bill, the maximum amount that will be given by the bride’s side as a gift would be no more than the equivalent price of 4 tola gold (excluding the expenses of the marriage ceremony).

It has also been mentioned that the guests attending the marriage ceremonies will be banned from bringing gifts exceeding a price range of Rs.1,000. In case of divorce, all that has been given by the bride’s side, or the money equivalent to the dowry will be returned. The minister has completed the advisement from all provinces. The provincial governments of KP, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Balochistan have agreed to the bill completely, meanwhile, the governments of Punjab and Sindh have given their suggestions on it. Initially, the bill will be implemented in the capital of the country, i.e. Islamabad.

This is a much-needed step since the concept of dowry is always a significant burden on the bride’s parents. Other than this, many women have been subjected to violence due to it as well.

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