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Forced Marriage Validated

14-year-old Huma Younus, (a Christian girl) was allegedly abducted from outside her home in Karachi’s ‘Zia Colony’ on the 14th of October, 2019.
She was taken to another city where first, she was converted to Islam and then forced to marry her Abductor Abdul Jabbar, who was a Muslim.

Huma’s father Younus Masih decided to file a petition under the Child Marriage Restraint Act in the courts seeking annulment of the marriage.

When the said case was taken to the Sindh High Courts, the result was Shocking.

The presiding 2-member jury consisting of Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro and Justice Irshad Ali Shah (of the SHC) termed the forced marriage of underaged Huma, VALID under Islamic Sharia law.

Huma’s parents (who had last seen her when she was taken from them 5 months ago) could not even get the chance to see their daughter at the court hearing.

Hopeless, helpless & heartbroken, Huma’s mother Nagina Younus had just one thing to say:

“There is no justice for minorities in Pakistan, they are not treated equally. It really broke my heart after hearing the judges’ remarks.”