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Father refuses to finance daughter’s TikTok video, she sets the house on fire

Well, it seems like TikTok is no longer a fun app thanks to Pakistanis overly obsessing over it. Previously, TikTok was banned as people believed it promoted ‘unnecessary’ and ‘inappropriate’ content.

While the app gave people a platform to showcase their talent, many went to every extent they could to be a part of the app, even if it meant risking their lives.

Another such incident became the headline, as a girl from Sindh, named Marvi Khiliji, set her house on fire after her father disagreed to pay the expenses for her TikTok video. Abdul Aziz, Marvi’s father, gave details to a media outlet saying her daughter wanted him to pay for a modeling video for her TikTok. She demanded Rs. 200,000. When Aziz declined the request, Marvi, a student in 10th grade, lit her own house on fire to show the frustration.

Abdul Aziz charged his daughter for the crime and she was sent to prison in Sukkur for 14 days.

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