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This edited placard of Sarah Khan from the protest is a great depiction of the toxic mindset our society has

The Lahore motorway incident shook everyone to the core. People were enraged over how unsafe the country is, especially for women. And so, thousands of people took it upon themselves to raise voice in favor of the downtrodden. Protests took place across the country, in different cities. Many joined the protests and demanded justice from the government.

People from different cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc. came out and protested against the incompetence of the motorway police and how careless the government is. Many celebrities, both male and female, like Mahira Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Ayesha Omar, Sarah Khan, and many others took part in the protest and used their platforms for the greater good.

The anti-rape protests were led by the organizers of the ‘Aurat March’. Although these people came out on the streets for a cause much, much important, yet people couldn’t refrain from sending hateful comments and trolling them despite the seriousness of the issue. Just like every time, the participants were trolled, and the real message, was buried deep under the memes, and edited placards.

Sarah Khan – a target of trolls and hate

People stooped really low this time, even when the cause of this protest was purely to give justice to the victims and to avoid any such cases from occurring in the future. It seems like some people couldn’t digest that and went as far as editing the placard that the actress Sarah Khan was holding. The message that she had on the poster was photoshopped into a very unethical and vulgar version which will leave you disgusted.

See the original and edited picture for your own self:

Edited vs Original

It’s absolutely disappointing to see how some people are still treating sexual violence against women as a laughing stock. Sarah’s very serious and loud message was turned into something else by some morally low individual is concerning, and it depicts the kind of mindset that these people have.

Sarah Khan is yet unaware of what her message has been turned into. However, she stood with justice and stood up for the victims, so we hope that such a serious matter, won’t be molded this negatively and trolled in such an unethical way in the future. We all have to stand up against such heinous acts rather than treating them this insensitively. This here is proof of how serious people take issues that women face on an everyday basis. When women stand up for justice, and for themselves, people troll it, make memes out of it, and then when a woman becomes a victim of harassment, violence and rape, the same people are silent over such serious issues.

Although some might think of it as ‘harmless, internet trolling’, these edited photos, and making fun of participants is the kind of toxic mindset our society has. This is exactly what needs to change.

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