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Dr Shamshad Akhtar is the first female PSX chairperson in 73 years!

Dr Shamshad Akhtar is the first female PSX chairperson in Pakistan Stock Exchange’s 73-year-old history. She was appointed through ‘unanimous elections’ as an independent director on board the previous month.

Recalling that Akhtar served as an SBP governor for about three years, PSX called her the veteran of the financial markets of the country. She contributed significantly to the reconstructing processes of East Asian economies. She also worked for a period of 10 years before she joined the Asian Development Bank. She held the top position at supervising the bank’s operations in a couple of countries.

Dr Shamshad called it a proud moment as she has the honor to be a representative of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and join SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). She aims to rebuild the reputation of the institution ensuring it excels in every domain. In a statement, Shamshad told that her goal is to transform PSX so it can play a crucial role in raising the market capitalism in several ways such as ‘deepening of debt and equity markets, broadening the investor and product base and service with efficiency to all of its clients to uphold the high standards of governance.’

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