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Dr. Sarah Qureshi – while everyone focuses on saving the world, she’s saving the skies!

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is from Islamabad, Pakistan. Born into a home where her Father Masood Latif Qureshi was a Scientist and Physicist and her Mother had a PHD in Quantum Physics. Safe to say, brains run in this family.

As she grew up she knew she loved science too, she knew she had the passion that one needs to survive in the aviation industry and decided she was going to work towards it. When she was a student she used to work on engines and machines alongside her father – she was learning about machines throughout her life!

Studying in the UK, she got into Acrobatic Flying, she can literally fly circles and loops around anyone!

While she worked on her own PHD in the UK, she decided to take her fathers inventions and made an engineering model for it. She soon found that the response was amazing, she was asked to stay and finish the whole project in the UK but she decided she was going to come back to Pakistan and work here instead.

Considering that Pakistan is at least decades behind in infrastructure right now she had to come and set up everything – from scratch. She was determined and did it all here.

She set up her company here “AeroEngineCraft” and set out to design an Environmentally Friendly Engine for Airplanes.

On Earth, you can plant trees and try to combat the pollution but in the air you can’t exactly plant any trees. Sarah wanted to figure out how to save the air?

You see when an airplane flies, cloud-like contrails are formed. These clouds are water vapors frozen around the aerosols that exist in aircraft exhaust. These “clouds” can’t produce rain, instead they add to the greenhouse effect.

She, along with her team designed and engine that is contrail-free and has added features that will greatly reduce the carbon footprint airplanes have right now. These engines will have a all new pressure-based condensation system, it will work to cool the water vapors in the aircraft’s exhaust, these vapors can be released as rain if required.

So, not only is this invention cutting down on the green house effect but is also able to plant rain wherever necessary.

She already has 2 international patents and is working on making the engines commercially available within the next 6 years.

In the era where the Earth needs all the help it can get, and people can’t really survive without planes, this invention might be a step in the right direction to saving the planet.