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Couple uses a sedated lion cub as a prop for a wedding photoshoot – faces backlash

Pictures from the wedding shoot of a couple have gone viral and taken over the internet, engaging a lot of criticism. The couple has left the public infuriated for all the obvious reasons. In the pictures, a sedated lion cub can be seen to be used as a ‘prop’ for the photoshoot.

People are demanding the Wildlife Authorities take strict actions against those involved and send the cub into rehabilitation. The public is calling the photographers and the couple out for this inhumane act.

Here’s what the public has to say:

In Pakistan, many animal cruelty cases have come forward where animals are snatched away from their natural habitat and tortured. Previously, the Islamabad zoo was converted into an animal sanctuary after years of protest against animal cruelty and brutality at the zoo. Similar is the condition of many zoos in the country that keep their animals undernourished and in poor conditions causing them health and psychological problems.

Whatever the reason may be, the use of animals as props can never be justified.

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