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Couple sentenced to death for raping and blackmailing 45 girls

A couple has been convicted for kidnapping, sexually assaulting, filming and blackmailing numerous girls by a local court in Rawalpindi. The case had gained public attention back in 2019 when the couple was arrested.

Qasim Jahangir has been awarded a death sentence with 3-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs2.5 million. On the other hand, Kiran Jahangir has been fined Rs1 million along with a sentence to life.

The couple admitted their crime of raping about 45 girls and making videos of about 10 of them used to blackmail and torture them.

The Rawalpindi police also tweeted about the recent developments in the case:

The couple was arrested after a complaint filed by a girl, who was a student of MSc, who had also been sexually assaulted and filmed as said by the police.

Thousands of inappropriate photographs of the victims and the videos were recovered from the suspects as told by CPO Muhammad Faisal Rana. He also revealed that the couple sold the photos and videos to pornography websites and made a large amount of money.

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