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Christian woman allegedly gunned down by a Muslim man for rejecting marriage proposal

Mistreatment of minorities in Pakistan has been a persistent issue for years now. A similar case has once again made headlines after a Muslim man allegedly shot a Christian woman for rejecting his marriage proposal.

Officers from Koral police station said that an accused, named Faizan has been arrested and raids are being carried out to arrest the prime suspect, Shehzad. The deceased, Sonia, and the accused were residents of Rawalpindi’s Old Airport area.

Shehzad’s mother had sent a marriage proposal for Sonia, but her parents refused as she wanted to marry someone else. According to police, Shehzad opened fire on the woman while she was on a highway with her fiancée.

Minorities in Pakistan often have to put up with mistreatment and abuse. Due to the persecution of its minorities, the country has often garnered international attention. It is the job of the authorities to take care of its minorities and provide them legal security.

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