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Is Cher coming to Pakistan to bid farewell to Kaavan, the Asian elephant?

After a long struggle, the news of Kaavan, the Asian elephant’s release, brought many Pakistani wildlife advocates and singer Cher some relief.

Kaavan got a lot of attention from across the border as well. The iconic American singer and actress Cher also raised her voice for the elephant. According to sources, the icon will visit Pakistan to bid farewell to the giant 36-year-old mammal.

Cher is a partner in the ‘Free the Wild’ organization and has been working to end the mistreatment of wild animals in captivity. Since Kaavan is set to be released to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, Cher is even more excited.

In a tweet, she said that she will be there for the transfer of Kaavan from Pakistan to Sri Lanka.

Kaavan was a gift to the Pakistani government by Sri Lanka in 1985. Since then, the elephant spent his time in the Islamabad Zoo, but after his partner Saheli passed in 2012, he was left alone.

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