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British woman murdered in Lahore for rejecting marriage proposal

The concept of ‘consent’ has been controversial for many in Pakistan. Women in the country are constantly fighting to make their own decisions and for their right to say ‘no’ and 26-year-old Mayra’s murder is an example of that.

Mayra Zulfiqar moved to Lahore after completing her studies at Middlesex University, according to reports. Zulfiqar was living in a rented house with her friends and was found dead in her room after being shot by unidentified suspects.

According to details, the girl contacted a relative Muhammad Nazeer, a few days prior to the incident and complained to him about 2 friends, Zahir Jadoon and Saad Ammer Butt, threatening her. It was also revealed that the two men were threatening to kill her as she rejected their ‘marriage proposals.’ Nazeer also informed that he intended on talking to the two men however before he could do that, Mayra had been shot dead. Moreover, he believes Zahir and Saad to be behind the crime.

The police have informed that 2 arrests have been made however, the names of those arrested haven’t been disclosed.

The internet is infuriated and demanding justice for the 26-year-old.

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