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‘Bride’s gifts are hers only!’, Supreme Court rules


The Supreme Court has reiterated that according to Sharia law, the gifts given to brides at the time of marriage can not be ‘taken away’ and remain the wife’s property.

In a 12-page judgment authored by Justice Qazi Faez Isa, it was mentioned:

‘A woman’s right to own and dispose of her property; her right to retain – before and after she gets married – her property as well as income; her ability to do business without taking permission from her father and husband and keep and spend whatever she earns.’

According to the Sharia law

It further stated that men should benefit from what they earn while women benefit from what they earn. Moreover, a woman’s right to inherit from her parents and husband is ordained in the 4th chapter of Surah-Al Nisa of the Quran. Other than this, a woman is not required to ask for permission while acquiring or disposing of a property, and her husband, father, brother, or son do not have any entitlement to it.

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