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55-year-old Bindu Chopra’s startup is all the inspiration you need today

This female entrepreneur runs her own natural skincare startup from her home at the age of 55. Who says dreams have to come true till a certain age, or that you cannot fulfill them in your 50s? Bindu Chopra, who is 59 currently, felt the urge of making her own skincare product line at the age of 52 and brought her dreams to life at 55. She started her own handmade and natural soap business.

Bindu Chopra’s Startup ‘Ahad’

Her natural cosmetic startup is named ‘Ahad’. Bindu herself explained how she began by saying that she had no support and only INR 8,000 in her pocket. But she had it in her that she has to do it. No ifs or buts. She was of the mindset that if her product is good, people will definitely buy it.

Since it was a startup initiated in her own home, the power lady dedicated two rooms in her home and converted them into a studio. Products such as herbal and organic soaps, face washes, creams, etc. are made by Bindu in her own kitchen. Her friend is now her new business partner.

Chopra’s inspiring story

Bindu Chopra’s story is inspiring and influential in all ways. She calls herself a ‘passionpreneur’. She told her back story saying that after she got her son married when she was 42 years old herself, the woman decided to fulfill her desire of getting an education. She became a ‘clinical hypnotherapist’. The idea behind this skincare line struck into her mind after she met an African lady who sold handmade soaps. This was her trigger and she developed an interest.

Age is just a number. It is never too late to do what you want to. Better late than never and Bindu is a classic example of that. More power to her.

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