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Barbie Dolls Re-made!

Remember how we all used to play with Barbie dolls when we were younger? Blue-eyed dolls with long, thick hair and perfectly proportionate bodies? We ALL wanted to be just like them! 

But real life is much more different and we, humans, are far from perfect. 

The makers of ‘Barbie’ have decided to broaden their range of dolls by including new ones featuring a doll with vitiligo for example, and a bald barbie as well. 

Mattel – the famous company behind the dolls- said that it wants “a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion” through new additions to its Barbie Fashionistas line.

Promoting a more diverse and inclusive product, through which they can redefine beauty is something that needs to be appreciated! 

It’s no wonder that the prototype picture of their vitiligo doll, posted on their Instagram page last year became one of their most liked posts ever! 

Mattel was also the first to launch a ‘hijab’ barbie in 2017, followed by their dolls featuring one in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg! They have also offered a much larger variety of dolls with realistic body types and appearances, including different textures of hair, skin type and less defined waist or arms. 


You Go Mattel!