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Atif Aslam opens up about his painful experience of losing a child

Atif Aslam, the king of pop and adored by millions worldwide, is an icon. The internationally famed singer has sung some of the best songs of all time, including Pehli Nazar Main, Tu Jane Na, Tere Sang Yaara, and many more.

Recently in an interview on AB Talks with Anas Bukhash, the singer revealed a side of him that not many have seen. Atif opened up about grief and talked about ‘losing a child’ in the interview, leaving many emotional with his pain. He said that he got the news about his baby not having a ‘heartbeat’ in the 5th month of his wife’s pregnancy. He also added that he got this heart-breaking news half an hour before going on the stage to perform in Turkey.

Atif Aslam performed after getting the news for 2 and a half hours with people in front of him who were having a great time. After he came back to his room at night, he asked his team to arrange a car for him as he wanted to visit Shams Tabraiz and Rumi’s shrine, all by himself. He further told that all he could think of nothing but how ‘helpless’ we all are. How we have control over nothing but we ‘fight’ over everything.

Losing a child is surely very devastating. The grief stays with an individual throughout his or her life. Aslam’s experience makes one realize how we often neglect that the stars we see on the screen must be going through a lot in silence.

The singer’s story has touched many. Fans are pouring love in the comments bar for him, and some people can feel his pain. Atif usually doesn’t open up much about himself in interviews as he did in this one, and a vast majority is appreciating his humble nature.

AB’s interviews are purely based on showing the ‘raw‘ side of celebrities and influencers that one doesn’t get to see very often.

Watch Atif’s complete interview here:

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