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WATCH | Renowned scientist Asifa Akhtar talks about gender equality and Pakistan’s education system

Pakistan-born scientist Asifa Akhtar who is the ‘first international’ female vice president of the Biology and Medicine section at ‘Max Planck Society’ has briefed about how if we want the women to progress, we need to have a different approach and vision towards things.

Max Planck Society is Germany’s most commendable and successful research organization. It is one of the most prestigious research centers all around the globe. Asifa’s appointment as a ‘vice president’ is a big achievement, and she is an inspiration for many.

Asifa’s interview

In an interview, Asifa spoke about the progress of women and how her partner and family play a vital role in a woman’s success. She believes that the basic education that anyone attains is given from her own home. Women must be supported in every way. Akhtar is a staunch believer of gender equality.

Upon being asked what can be done to improve ‘Pakistan’s educational system’ as Asifa herself acquired her initial education from Pakistan, she responded in a very positive and optimistic way. Akhtar said that it is important to highlight the fact that Pakistan has a good educational system, but it can be improved. She believes that the system can be refined by seeking help from individuals who have acquired a part of their education from abroad.

This will help us gather perceptions about what is happening in different countries and what their educational system is. She also thinks that we should know our weaknesses and work on them. Moreover, it is necessary that an investment is made in the educational sector.

Asifa Akhtar believes that the primary education is the ‘key to success’ of any state.

Watch Asifa’s full interview here:

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