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Saudi Arabia starts an all-women service to help aged female pilgrims

An all-women service, consisting of 50 local women, has been appointed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Grand Mosque in Makkah to serve worshippers and Umrah Pilgrims.

The service is named ‘Mutawafah,’ and it aims to help elderly female pilgrims. The Mutawafah women will guide the aged pilgrims to different places inside the mosque, assist them regarding the COVID-19 prevention measures, and push their carts around.

Moreover, a smartphone app has also been introduced by the General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques’ Affairs to book ordinary and electrical carts for the pilgrims to help them with the Umrah rituals.

Although KSA has opened the holy places, the revival is being done in three stages. Each stage allows a specific number of people divided into groups to be visiting the holy spots. The third phase might involve the normalization of Umrah activities keeping the current situation in consideration.

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