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Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard

Amber Heard, the perfect victim? Or just someone that knows what a perfect victim looks like?

The hashtag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp was trending all across social media for the past few days after a two-hour audio recording of a therapy session between Heard and Depp surfaced.

The audio was uploaded with a trigger warning for Domestic Abuse.

In the recording Heard admits to getting physically violent towards Depp, saying she loses control and sometimes doesn’t even realize how she’s acting until it’s too late.

Depp calls her out for punching him, to which she replies “I did not punch you, I was just hitting you”

“I don’t know the actual motion of my hand, but you’re fine, I did not hurt you”

She admits to resorting straight to physical violence immediately when anything went wrong saying “…I go to the finish line because that’s always where you drive it”

It’s said in the audio that Depp always leaves the premises whenever a fight breaks out – which was supposed to help cool down the situation, but instead, it ends up provoking Heard even more.

Throughout, you can hear her blame him for her getting physically violent with him. Any time he defends himself, she blames him for hitting her instead. Even if at that point it is self-defense.

This is a classic abuser.

Domestic abuse is the same, no matter which gender is doing the abusing. 

Any violence or abuse by either of the partners in a domestic setting IS ABUSE.

Heard has been highlighted in the media ever since she was first seen with bruises on her face. She’s been representing women who face domestic abuse for years.

Seeing this come out is disgusting. Thousands of women face domestic abuse all across the world every year, a handful of them are brave enough to come out and talk about it. When women like Amber Heard come out and tell a story that is the opposite of the truth it makes the world even worse for the women who DO face violence. 

On the other hand, Johnny Depp not being believed about being a victim of domestic abuse holds up the notion that “men can’t be abused”, or “take it like a man” when these statements are vile. No one should have to just sit there and deal with it just because they conform to the male gender. 

Abuse doesn’t discriminate. 

No one should be told to “be a man” when they say they’ve been subjected to domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can come from anyone in your home. Anyone who comes out and speaks up about being abused needs to be heard, they need to be taken seriously – regardless of what gender they are.