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Ali Zafar is now an ambassador of Namal Knowledge City, and people have questions

Well, who doesn’t know Ali Zafar? The singer is quite known for his voice. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Ali Zafar as the ambassador of Namal Knowledge City, Pakistan’s first-ever knowledge city, in a groundbreaking ceremony held at Mianwali.

The singer tweeted about how overwhelmed he was about his appointment. He believes that knowledge is the key to the progress of a country.

However, it seems like many don’t think he is the right person to be given such an appointment. People believe that Ali Zafar, who has nothing to do with academics, is not appropriate for the position.

Here’s what people have to say:

Zafar addressed the ceremony in which he focused on education and the availability of higher education opportunities for the youth of the country. He expressed how he intends on making this institute to be known on an international level. The goal with this city is to academically benefit at least 10,000 students from underprivileged households and underdeveloped areas in it’s first phase.

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