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A Sweeper with a heart of Gold!

“My name is Abbas Naqvi and Today I would like to share a personal story of this Family of a sweeper who is very very rich by heart.

There was a wedding going on in my home which ended on Saturday 8 February 2020 after a valima ceremony.
We came home and my mother settled her cash and went to sleep. On next morning 9 February 2020 she came to know that an envelope having sufficient amount of almost PKR 350,000/- was missing.
She than along with my brother and other family members searched to whole house but with no success. She than assumed that some one might have thrown that envelope in garbage as there was lots of garbage in home due to end of a wedding seasons.
My self and my brother went to search the dustbin of our flats but couldn’t find anything.
On the morning of 10 February 2020 by brother went to the kid on the right side of picture , as this kid comes to pick our daily garbage and told him the story. The kid took my brother to Sohrab Goth where they dump all the garbage and introduced his father to my brother. This person sitting in between gave all the possible hope and than he along with my brother went out to dumping station where his son has dumped the garbage of 9 February 2020 ( it was three bag full of garbage). He took my brother’s number and promised that they will search their heart out and if they found anything they will give it back to us, however after seeing the huge garbage my brother went hope less and came back to home.

AT 3PM our door bell rang and this old man along with his kids were at our door having the envelope of cash in his hands which he handed over to my mother.

The envelope was having full nothing not even a single rupee was short.

Humanity still exists in this world. My mother offered him a token of appreciation which he refused but on insisting he took very small amount,( keeping in view the help). This act of humanity made me speechless as this man and his family proven to this world that MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING.



*this is a submitted story*