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21 year old mother shot and buried alive – along with her one month old baby

21 year old Aimen’s life was perfect. She had married Tariq, the man she loved and they had just had a baby together – Hussain Ali.

But, Aimen had married Tariq against the wishes of her brothers. To punish her, they decided that if she can’t live according to their will. She can’t live at all.

They went to visit her, abducted her and her new born and took them to the district of Ali Pur.

Once they were far enough away they took the baby and threw him on the ground later strangling him. The mother had to watch this happen and she was shot afterwards. They shot her in the face and stomach multiple times. Afterwards, they were buried.

Her mother-in-law believes that they were alive when they were buried because when their bodies were recovered, Aimen’s remains were found and she was still holding her baby close to her chest in an embrace.

The murderers were arrested, Owais and Farooq. When asked if they knew that they had buried their sister alive they said they didn’t know and they didn’t care.

“We wanted to kill her anyway, what difference does it matter if she was buried alive or dead”

They confessed that they murdered her only because she married the man she chose.

Honor killing was made a punishable and unforgivable crime in 2016 following the death of Qandeel Baloch. Yet, we still have hundreds of cases like this one every year.

Is an adult woman making a decision that will make her happy such a horrible thing that it has to end with not only her death but the death of a baby that had only spent 30 days on Earth?